YELLOWFISH WORKING GROUP - YWG Newsletter: October 2016

Dear All,

Here are some news items for this month’s letter:


World Fisheries Day/Workshop on SA Swimway Programme.

To mark this day a workshop will be held on 21st November at the TBC Centre in Johannesburg. There is a particular concern in countries like South Africa where there has been a serious disruption in migratory routes of many fishes and fishways have been often built as an afterthought which has resulted in many forms of failure. The YWG will be represented at the conference and have been invited to present a paper. To access the programme for this day please click here .

The main yellowfish spawning has commenced

We mentioned this in our September letter and the main spawning season is now upon us. Unfortunately, we too often hear of fly fishers trampling spawning beds and disturbing spawners both in our rivers and the spawning areas of Sterkfontein Dam. We suggest if you wish to encourage fellow flyfishers to behave in an ethical way you download the leaflet, ‘Sustainable Yellowfishing’ on our website click here.

Article on yellowfish populations in Free State Dams

This article by Leon Barkhuizen is in the latest issue of the Complete Fly Fisher and it makes interesting reading, particularly his findings on dams like Sterkfontein. We will be returning to this matter in the December newsletter when we post this article on our website.




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