Date of Report: Monday, 8th October 2018
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Name: Capt. Louis Day
Phone: 082 555 8317

Bot River & Hermanus lagoons: Full of fresh water but have not breached yet so the fishing is dead. If we are lucky enough to have one more big rain, which I doubt as we are moving into summer, they should breach.

De Mond: No news from this estuary but I predict that the fishing will improve shortly.

Breede: The river is still flowing strongly so the estuary was full of fresh water. I had a 4 day visit this last week, but nobody caught anything of size and there were plenty of blaashopies and karanteen around. In the next month the main migration of adult garrick and kob will arrive from the north and together with grunter this will signal the start the season in this popular water.

Cape Point: Yellowtail are being taken by the boats.

As I mentioned last month, apart from the two lagoons, I believe we are in for a good summer season.


De Mond