FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - South Coast

Date of Report: Friday, 9th June 2017
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Name: Arthur Cary
Phone: 076 3120417

Arthur Cary of the South Coast Fly Anglers Club has kindly agreed to take over this page from Dean Winn who was our correspondent for many years. Interestingly this club, although it is based on the coast, also regularly fishes at both trout and yellowfish venues. It also has a very full event programme  which includes fly tying sessions and monthly meetings. This weekend they will have a club outing at Umtamvuna estuary and another visit to the Mountain Lake at Matatiele is planned for mid- month. Anyone wishing to join the club is welcome to contact Arthur and both experienced fly fishers and novices are welcome.

The cold front has now passed by and the sea is starting to calm down and it is suggested that fyfishers wishing to try the rock and surf areas for shad and wave garrick start early in the morning to avoid the crowds of weekend conventional anglers. Use any bright fly such as the crazy charlies or deceivers in size 8 or 9. Although many spinner anglers frequently cast up to 100 metres most shad and wave garrick are taken about 20 metres from the shoreline.

For the Umtamvuna visit the club will probably head well upriver to search for perch and rock salmon. With the water temperatures well down this is not the best time of the year for estuary fishing but as Arthur says without your fly in the water you will not catch a thing.

Offshore there is no sign of the sardines yet and the water is still quite warm for this time of year which has been the problem in the past couple of years when the sardines only came inshore very fleetingly if at all because of the higher temperatures.