FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - Middle Vaal

Date of Report: Monday, 5th February 2018
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Name: Ian Couryer
Phone: 082 306 5929

Ian Couryer has not been able to get to the Vaal for some time but we have been able to glean information from others who have an interest in the river.

Although December was a wet month with flows as high as 70 cumecs at times which ruled out fishing January was a dry, hot month and the river dropped back to about 20 cumecs or less at times with reasonable visibility. We hear that Wag n’ Bietjie at Orkney fished very well although the first part of January was sometimes too hot for productive fishing.

February rains have the river below the Barrage peaking at 30 cumecs or more currently which is not a comfortable flyfishing flow and if the rain which is forecast for later this week it will remain at this level for at least a week. Hopefully it will drop back to a more reasonable 20 cumecs until later in the month. Visibilty was good in January but has now decreased to 30 cm or less.

Reveck Hariram of RandWater observed large numbers of small yellows spawning in the shallows of VaalDam as they do in Sterkfontein and made good catches of 500g to 1kg on dry fly. He also mentioned that with the lower Wilge River high which ruled out flyfishing he managed a few largemouth on a rapala lure.