FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - North Coast

Date of Report: Wednesday, 10th October 2018
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Name: Jeff Asherwood
Phone: 082 978 1098

The shad season is now closed and we did quite well off the beaches at Mapelane and St Lucia, but otherwise there have been few decent few taken on fly although a couple of good kingfish were taken on livebait. Naturally, what I call the rats and mice such as 3 spot, moonies etc are still around for light tackle fly rods but that is all.

Regarding the lake which is dropping again as we have had little rain recently and the channel diverting the Umfolozi into the lake is silting up and depositing silt in the estuary. The community is still agitating to have the mouth opened as their small banana and cane farms become flooded when the river comes down in spate. This also affects the commercial cane farms which are also on the flood plain where in fact there should be no farming. It is interesting to hear the community saying breaching the mouth will also boost tourism and fishing.


3 spot or wave garrick