FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Winterberg & Stormberg

Date of Report: Tuesday, 6th February 2018
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Name: Martin Davies
Phone: 082 398 1088 or 046 622 4423


Thrift remains low at about 50% as there has been little rain in the catchment and water is being released for downstream users. However, it has cooled down appreciably during the last couple of weeks and although Martin usually discourages anglers from fishing at this time of year people are visiting and recording good catches.

Unfortunately, there is a problem at the Ventor hatchery at Redcliffe as the Tarka River has stopped flowing and Martin is releasing fingerlings for stocking to avoid mortalities. The Redcliffe dam levels have dropped but are not seriously down.

STORMBERG (Queenstown & districts)

The club chairman, Reg Morgan (082 7033489 & 045-8381854) reports that although it has been fairly dry most dams are at a reasonable level apart from the top dam at Birds River which is used for irrigation. The club closes all the dams it manages in February as water temperatures are high and next year will probably close for both January and February.

The club website is at


Alan Hobson, chairman of the Bankberg Club, states that they have had very good rain in Somerset East and the nearby Bosberg area and Mountain Dam, Bestershoek and the Glen Avon dams are full and fishing well. The Naude’s River is flowing so the waterfall and the upper stretch is in good form.

There is concern about the Swaershoek area to the west which has been much drier and the Little Fish stopped flowing at least a month ago. This together with the very hot weather will probably result in most of the trout dieing.

The Cradock area also has generally been dry and the Karreebosch Dam is empty, but further down the valley that part of the Pauls River catchment received 120ml of rain so this river is flowing.

Bass fishing has come into its own now with the hot weather and a 4,2 kg bass was recently caught on a lure. There will also be more focus on the yellows in the local dams and the Little Fish River which is kept flowing below the entrance of the canal from the Gariep Dam..

For more information, phone Alan Hobson at 042-2433440 or visit the website at,6.html.


Bosberg Dam with the Bosberg in the background.