Date of Report: Tuesday, 5th March 2019
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Name: Louis de Jager (Cape Piscatorial Society Secretary)
Phone: 021-4247725

For this time of year when the rivers are still normally too low and warm it has been surprisingly good although one has to concentrate on the upper reaches on the cooler days. The odd bit of rain in the last week has helped and 9 ml fell in the Paarl area yesterday which was very welcome. The Elandspad and upper Smalblaar have fished quite well during the cooler periods and I am very happy with the results from Holsloot which was badly damaged by floods a few years back. Although the Holsloot has not produced large numbers, it is pleasing to see that many of the trout are at least 35cm.

At Lakenvlei the surface water is still too warm, but a few trout have been taken by fishing well down. I am also happy that anglers have been targeting bass in the warm water at the inlets to reduce the population of this unwanted species.


The Holsloot- photo courtesy of Tim Ralston