FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Southern Drakensberg

Date of Report: Monday, 16th July 2018
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Name: Wolf Avni
Phone: 033 701 1511

Wolf reports that there is little fishing being done at present, the rivers of course are closed until Sept 1 and although the dams are looking very good, and most are full, the low water temperatures mean that fish are not feeding readily. Those anglers who brave the cold weather tend to end up targeting frustrated spawners moving in the shallows.

At this stage one can say that it may be a good Aug/Sept once the temperatures begin to climb as the excellent late autumn rains have filled the dams and kept the fountains flowing well into winter. However, these days one has to be careful with predictions says Wolf. In autumn he found fish spawning at temperatures as high as 15°C (which gave very poor results) and Eland lambing in mid-winter rather than Spring. Also wildlife seldom or never seen in the area in the past are becoming more abundant.


Winter scene at Giants Cup. © Copyright Wolf Avni