FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Southern Drakensberg

Date of Report: Tuesday, 27th November 2018
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Name: Wolf Avni
Phone: 033 701 1511

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, they say. Well we have just recorded the lowest rainfall ever for November and our records go back 30 years.  The previous lowest rainfall recorded was 38mm in the worst drought we have experienced here in the berg. Well this November is a third lower, with 3 days left in the month. The weather does predict a spit and a spot on the 28th, but so far most of the rain we have seen around here has been on a weather report. 

That having been said, the rivers are low, but still flowing and the water levels seem to favour anglers, who have been finding fish along all the beats. As predicted a few years ago in the 2015/2016 drought, average sizes are way up.

Dams throughout the district have produced well through winter and the spring months, and for the moment, seem to be holding their levels fairly well, though this could change rapidly if farmers do not get the much needed rain.    Conditions have been patchy, with a few, isolated showers refreshing a valley here, a catchment there.

So far, this spring I have heard of two 10 pounders…. One from an UHTFC dam just outside Underberg, and the other, caught during the Swartberg Trout Festival last month from Belmont dam. 

The next few weeks will be critical in determining the ultimate outcome to the season ahead. 


The upper Umzimkulu – photo by Bill Bainbridge