Date of Report: Monday, 4th June 2018
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


The good news is that after good autumn rains and the occasional late showers right up to yesterday most dams are full or even overflowing as we enter winter.

The DFFA club dam at Jansens which is stocked on a monthly basis is giving good results and even the two town dams have fished reasonably well. Tickets for Jansens may be purchased at the Village Angler while for the town dams buy your ticket at the gate.

Elsewhere Walkersons and Millstream dams are always reliable while we believe that Treeferns and Troutbeck fishing has improved. For day ticket fishing one can always fish in the many dams at the Combrinks venue at Elandskloof.

At the TFFC waters ( several trophy sized fish have been caught and released, the largest being a beautiful 67 cm rainbow from Dam 1. All dams were stocked on May 24 and will be stocked again on 7 June.


Apparently, the river is looking the best it has all year but very few visitors have fished it recently. Day tickets are available at Big Sky shop in the town as are tickets for the shop’s Horseshoe Dam which is very suitable for kids and novices.


Dam 6 at TFFC