Date of Report: Monday, 7th January 2019
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


November and December were incredibly hot at times and very dry right through to the week leading up to New Year when cool and rainy weather set in with really heavy downpours right up until last night with most destinations recording well over 100ml in the last week. Dams are overflowing and streams are in spate.

John Hunter, chairman of the Dullstroom Fly Fishers Association reports that at most of the well known waters the fishing has been surprising slow. Flies most popular at the moment are damsel and dragon patters, papa roach and wooly buggers. John usually prefers to use a dry on the point to suspend a couple of buzzers sub- surface. In addition, as it cooled down Millstream and Treeferns reported dries, caddis, sedge and DDD’s, working well.

At the TFFC’s waters at Middelpunt the fishing was surprisingly good at times with plenty of surface activity after the rains if one was prepared to be on the water by 5am. More information at

Apparently the Masters World Championship is to be held at Dullstroom commencing with a practise session on 11 February. Waters to be fished will include Town Dam, Jansens and the Lochs. 6 international teams will be competing.


This club which was one of the more successful in the past is battling to keep going. The club still has very good waters and a production unit which produces trout for its dams. Anton Henning, the new chairman, who is without a doubt well qualified for the job has our best wishes for success. Anton may be contacted at 082 6136519 or


According to club chairman, Werner Wessels (0836771307), the drought has been broken at last and the Sabie is running strongly. Even after heavy rain this river does not discolour badly and is usually clear within a day. The river was stocked in mid-December but not many tickets were taken over the holiday season so the river is still well populated and if one is really lucky there is always the chance of taking a chiselmouth which are quite common in the Sabie.

Day tickets are available from Big Sky in town or Merry Pebbles.


The Dorps River at Stonecutters Lodge near Dullstroom.