Date of Report: Thursday, 7th March 2019
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


According to John Hunter of the Village Angler the fishing has been up and down. Last week he caught 12 in a day at Jansens while this week his visits yielded only one or two trout per session  from this club water. Millstream and Walkers have also been slow but Field & Stream produced a couple of nice fish. Water temperatures are still quite high although there has been plenty of rain with all dams overflowing. Popular flies have been Papa Roach, Damsels and Wooly buggers fished quite deep

At the TFFC’s waters at Middelpunt stocking will be resumed on 19 March with a double stocking in all 7 of the dams. More information About the Transvaal Fly Fishers Club go to

The participants for the Masters World Championship were held in the Dullstroom area last month and participants had to contend with some very bad weather. The Spanish team was placed in first place with USA, Italy and SA in second, third and fourth. However, SA was awarded the Individual Gold (Gourlee).


This club which was one of the more successful in the past is battling to keep going. The club still has very good waters and a production unit which produces trout for its dams. Anton Henning, the new chairman, who is without a doubt well qualified for the job has our best wishes for success. Anton may be contacted at 082 6136519 or


According to club chairman, Werner Wessels (0836771307), although they have not had as much rain as the Dullstroom area the river is in great condition. The next stocking will be mid-March just before the start of the holiday season.

However, the club has access to the upper Blyde above Pilgrims Rest. A recent club outing by 6 anglers produced 35 wild trout in this very attractive river. As in the case of the Sabie River visitors should get day tickets at R150 from Werner Wessels at 083 6771307 or

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The Blyde at Pilgrims Rest