FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - North Eastern Cape Highlands

Date of Report: Wednesday, 9th August 2017
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Name: Dave Walker
Phone: 082 886 6690


The streams remain open for fishing over winter but are dropping in level as there has been very little snow so far this winter. However, the Loch Ness lake up at Tiffendel has produced some good fish although it was frozen over a couple of times in July. This population is self-sustaining as the fish breed in the feeder stream.

Please note that there are still a couple places still open for the Epson Wild Trout Festival which will be held from 16 – 20 March next year.

Lady Grey

As in the case of Rhodes the Karringmelk is open for fishing but there has been no fishing done in the past month. Trout population is well down but there has been good spawning and the older fish though fewer in number are larger in size than in past years.


The streams remain closed until September 1 or in the forestry area when the rains arrive and the threat of fire is over. As noted in previous reports the trout population is well down due to the heat and drought of the past 2 years, but the river flows are now adequate for this time of year and there has been spawning so the numbers should recover in a year or two.

The club controls a number of dams which are well stocked and and these will be fished during the Ladies Festival which is scheduled to take place in September. They will also be stocked again shortly with large fingerlings sourced from the producer near Stutterheim.


Loch Ness with ice on the margins


A good sized rainbow from Loch Ness